Podcast Pre-Production

I personally like working in groups for assignments. The most effective way I feel that a group can communicate would be through a group message. It’s easier to just text your group members to find out where everyone is within the project. Another way its easier to do assignments would be through google doc or powerpoint. When using this method its easier for everyone to see what each other has completed and edit things. I feel as long as everyone does their part or communicate when they need help group projects are a breeze. I’m good with using technology to communicate. I try to use whatever my group members prefer to use. I’ve never done my own podcast because I’m a little shy when speaking in front of others. I’m more of a person who would prefer to not speak but do the leg work in a group project. I am very open to trying new ways communicate with technology. I will speak if I have to but tend to be very nervous when doing so.

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