Podcast Post-production

I would say I enjoy working in groups. I feel like it’s an easier way to accomplish a task instead of the work being all on one person. Group work is also a good way for people to showcase their skills. Sometimes one person is more fluent in one section than another. I must admit I’ve had a few bad situations with group work. I’ve had members of the group not fully apply themselves or wait till the last minute to do their part.There also has been times when I’ve had to do my entire group project by myself.

I think I’m great with using technology. I enjoy creating power points and podcast to communicate with the class. Something I’ve be came a fan of using since covid would be zoom. Zoom presentations were a bit difficult for me because it just doesn’t feel interesting. Most people aren’t even paying attention. This class was my first time using a podcast and it was way easier to do. There’s a lot more ways you can capture the attention of your audience and make things more unique with podcast. I do think this is something I will use within my other classes.

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