Oppression at its finest

After our recent reading “The Five Faces of Oppression” I found two of her elements that we are currently living in todays society. The first one I believe is currently happening would be violence. Since Covid-19 the crime rate in New Orleans has increased. While in the pandemic most people hit rock bottom and weren’t able to provide for themselves or families. Something else that has increased would be the car jacking”s. People are not only losing a valuable item but are losing their lives because of violence.

The second example of oppression would be powerlessness. In this society if you aren’t someone high up with a value nothing you say makes a mark. We aren’t able to make or take part in important decision for the world that we live in. This also ties into Marginalization. As an African American female in society my opinion often times doesn’t matter. I am automatically seen as beneath before I open my mouth because of my race. African Americans are categorized as hard workers for others. Another example of this would be the elderly getting fired from jobs. This overall results to us not being able to have access to certain resources.

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