What is a Dystopia?

I think a dystopia is best defined as a society distinguished by immoral, unethical, and unfavorable treatment of its people. Throughout this semester, I’ve attempted to improve and modify my concepts of a dystopian society in order to create the definition I find most applicable. I’ve used the book we read as well as other readings to improve my definition of a dystopia and broaden my understanding of dystopia. I think I’ve figured out how to define dystopia and evaluate the real-world situation in terms of that concept.

People in George Orwell’s novel 1984 are under constant observation and have lost their freedom since they must obey anything the government says. This includes eating, sleeping, working, and even marrying, all of which are permitted by the government. This, in and of itself, strikes me as a dystopian element. It denotes a loss of identity as well as immoral treatment. We uncover far more dystopian features throughout the book, ensuring that it is classified as dystopian fiction. The book’s conclusion perfectly encapsulates the qualities of dystopian components. When Winston is apprehended, tortured, and forced to follow the government’s orders, I felt this to be unethical and unjust. It symbolized the inhumane treatment of citizens and accurately depicted how this society handled its citizens. I always return to 1984 to support my description of a dystopia because it perfectly embodies everything society does not desire, including the loss of freedom, individuality, and inhumane treatment, among other things.

Another dystopia, in my opinion, is the Holocaust. Another student wrote a discussion post about this issue, and I think it truly highlighted the dystopian part and how it relates to utopias. Hitler built a dystopia for others while attempting to establish his own utopia. “Relating to or denoting an imagined state or society where there is significant suffering or injustices,” according to Google. I don’t believe what these people went through was even close to being imagined. What these people went through was terrifying and absolutely unjust. I believe the holocaust experiences fit my definition since they were subjected to immoral and unethical treatment.

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