Ur-Fascism Today

Fascism can be challenging to identify because it can manifest in multiple forms and also because it is hidden well from the surface. In the text, Umberto Eco Provides criteria that create a fascist system. He states, “these features cannot be organized into a system…, but it is enough that one of them is present to allow fascism to coagulate around it.” Therefore, of the 14 criteria listed, as long as an example of one is present, that is enough for fanaticism to manifest itself. In the link I listed, the youtube channel;” Revolution and Ideology.” does an excellent job of explaining each criterion clearly and concisely. It made the content easier for me to understand and relate to what I am discussing today. 

I do believe fascism exists in the world today. While reading, I noticed that many scholars deny the belief that actual fascism exists today. However, I think there are a few ways fascism has manifested itself today. Modern fascist movements, in my opinion, do not have official political party representations or state power but instead function inside a social movement framework rather than a political one. One example is how Ur-fascism derived from individual or social frustration. In my psychology course, I watched a discussion between five men discussing racial issues in America. An African American man became very passionate during the debate. He spoke about how in America if he does not adapt to the white standard, he would not be successful in America. Another conversation in that same video broadcasted a caucasian man explaining he felt like Chinese-Americans should be proud to be American. The Chinese-American man responded, saying he feels as if he is expected to neglect his Chinese descent in America. I think this relates to criteria number 7 because it is true that in America, the only privilege some minorities have in America is being born in America. They are also deemed “enemies” to the nation and live as minorities if they neglect their American side, yet they are often expected to neglect any other identification. In the video I provided, the speakers go into a discussion about the number 7 itself.

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