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I am pretty comfortable working in a group. During high school, I was prompted to develop a 4-year capstone project. Freshman year, I was in a group of four, and we had to create a presentation about our projected career goals. This is my earliest recollection of group projects. I remember us getting a good grade on the presentation, and I remember the group working well together. For example, my group and I effectively assigned tasks to each member and ensured we were all comfortable with the task given. However, we did run into a temporary problem of one student not holding their weight. It was frustrating that the student was not participating, and I knew that something had to change for us to get a good grade. As a result, I spoke with the rest of the group to find a solution. We decided that it was best to talk with the team member directly before speaking with the teacher.  The rest of the group came together to hold our classmates accountable, and eventually, they did pick up their slack. I think students not participating is one of the biggest problems with group projects. To combat this, I believe it is essential to talk to that person clearly and calmly to get them more involved. 

I am also comfortable communicating with large audiences using technology. Per the pandemic, platforms like zoom and google meet have become very popular. During my freshman year of college, I had to present a research project in my advanced research methods course. The presentation was about ten minutes long and it had to be recorded and uploaded to the professor. The only problem I ran into was trying to figure out where to access my saved video, and later I realized it was sent through email. Other than this, I’ve done various interviews and presentations using video chat, so I am very familiar and comfortable with navigating these platforms.

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I am a sophomore psychology pre-med major. I am also from Houston Tx
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