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In this podcast, Mr. Green discusses copyright laws. Under copyright law, the owner of the musical composition receives royalties for the reproduction and distribution of any recording of that composition. I believe that copyright laws are fair because they can protect artists’ work from being used for free. If someone works to create content, copyright laws support that others cannot use their work if found on the internet. In my opinion, copyright laws serve as a watermark for music. In the Peppa Pig example, we see Peppa pigs producers bought a sound for millions of dollars. The label they bought it from received millions of profit just for initially making the sound.

On the other hand, Mr. Green discusses how copyright laws can limit the creativity of some artists. If an artist does not have a professional to monitor copyright laws, it is easy to overstep and use someone else’s content accidentally. I feel like this can be a big issue for upcoming artists who may not be able to afford an assistant or professional to check for these things. For example, prominent artists like Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj have faced legal battles regarding copyright issues. I feel as if copyright laws could be a bit more relaxed, though, because it does add a lot of extra steps to content creation. While copyright laws are essential to ensure you’re not stealing work, I feel it may be overwhelming for new content creators.  

I think my team is adhering to copyright rules. After watching this podcast, we are more informed on copyright laws. Furthermore, we now know legal obligations regarding what’s appropriate and not appropriate when content creation. We want our work to be as creative as possible and take integrity on what we produce. This means producing an interactive and fun legal podcast.

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