The Perfect Society

This society would be a peaceful place where no one has to worry about crime or diseases. Along with this, everyone will know how to co-exist with each other. In addition to this, the people will be living in a loving and caring community. Everyone will always help each other and always listen to each other. No matter what size you are or what skin tone you have, no one will ever get judged. Everyone will have an understanding that we are all human beings and we should never judge each other because we are different from each other. People in this society do not have to worry about money. There will be no such thing as a homeless person or people because everyone will have a place to live and a good job that has great benefits. The weather will always be a comfortable temperature for everyone as well. The oceans will always be clean. There will be no trash in the oceans or our community. Every single place in our community will have a designated place to throw away the trash. If someone wants to take a night stroll by themselves they would not have to worry about someone robbing or murdering them because as I mentioned before there will be no crime. Individuality would be a major key in my society. Everyone will always be allowed to express themselves. They can wear anything they would like to wear, listen to any type of music, etc. Another important thing about my society is mental health exams. Every month or so people will meet with a therapist and talk about how they are feeling. If that person needs some more help, that person can come to the mental health facility to work out their problems more or they have the option to have someone come to their house each day and work out their problems in the comfort of their own home. The people in this society will always be surrounded by happiness and peace they will never have to fear anything.

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