In today’s society, there have been many examples of how panopticism has been embedded in our world. One-way panopticism has been embedded in our society is how people exercise power over other people. For instance, this happens in the workplace. The manager has the choice to tell the employees what to do in the office every single day. To go more into detail, individuals voluntarily enter into employment and have an obligation to do whatever the manager says during their working time. Another way to look at how this is embedded in our society is happening at schools. The teacher will know the subject they are teaching the student. The teacher is exercising their power of knowledge to the students on what to know for that particular subject. In my opinion, I believe that this can be good and bad. The reason why this can be bad is that some people can use their power for bad. For instance, the police can use their powers in a harmful way toward the citizens. As seen many times throughout the news and on social media, we have all witnessed police brutality towards POC unfortunately. Some policemen will think that since they are supposed to uphold the law they can do anything they want to do. In addition to this, even a president can use their power in a bad way. Like for example, President Regan’s team basically said that they were really trying to throw black people in jail when the crack epidemic started. This was a terrible way to use that power over the United States because that was also an example of racism. As you can see, panopticism has definitely been embedded in our society and some people will use it for the good and also for the bad way.

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