Dystopian Thinker

 I believe I am a dystopian thinker The reason why I believe that I am a dystopian thinker is because I always feel like I’m in survival mode. While growing up, I was always a fan of dystopian movies because I felt like I could relate to the pain they were feeling mentally. My favorite dystopian movie was The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games was my favorite because the main character Katniss had to grow up and help out a lot since her mother started to episodes since their dad passed away from a mine explosion. I related to this because I also felt like I had to grow up earlier than everyone and take on more responsibilities while growing up in St. Louis. St. Louis is a very dangerous place. Every year St. Louis is rated the #1 murder city which is very sad. I lost my father to gun violence and that really did kill me on the inside. Even though I was the youngest in the family, I somehow became the therapist of the family. I always had to come up with solutions for everyone even when I was hurting. Another reason why I believe that I am a dystopian thinker is that at the beginning of every dystopian movie, there is some type of oppression or injustice that is happening in the city. I always compared that to St.Louis because for one, they never found the person that killed my dad, and the police department is TRASH. They are very quick to put handcuffs on an African American at any moment. Also in 2014, an 18-year-old name Michael Brown was shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. This is a prime example of injustices happening because the police officer was not found guilty! I honestly believe that living in St.Louis made me become a dystopian thinker because that city is horrible.

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