The Best Utopian Government

A utopia needs to have a strong core of governing figures that are for the people that are chosen by the people. While any form of government is subjected to be abused and corrupted, a utopia must have governing officials that come from a utopian environment and ones that think and value the same things as the people as well. There does not need to be one person ruling because then it will be easier for that person to be subjected to the natural condition of mankind since they could think they are better than others naturally. If a utopia were to function well with a government, it would need to have decisions come straight from the people, so the government they need is a direct democracy.

The values of an entire should be represented fairly and direct from the source, so a direct democracy will how their society needs to operate. Everyone will have an equal part and say and because of that it does the best job of limiting those in society to feel threatened by others. A two-party system is bound to create division in a society, so overall, having a system where everyone’s voice is equal limits any form of political division to happen easily. Since a direct democracy shows to be more for the actual people in a society and considers everyone, then ideally this would be the best form of government for a utopia.

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