Status of Ur-Fascism

I do not think Ur-Fascism exists in any country in the world today, at least not in a complete form. When I analyze the features of Ur-fascism described by Eco I don’t see that in much places. The fourteen common features of Ur-Fascism highlight the characteristics of what it actually is, but instead of seeing all of the characteristics in one place, I see them individually spread into the personal philosophy of individuals. For example, the “fear of difference” even though there is no appeal of active fascist movements in the modern world, there are individuals, and sometimes groups, that are opposed to changes that occur or the differences in their own beliefs. There are multiple of examples of each characteristic of Ur-Fascism in multiple situations, but they are not all completely instilled into a group or individual to my knowledge. I ultimately believe that the ideology exists but it lives partly in individuals rather than a whole country.

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