Snowden’s Claims on U.S. Privacy

I feel like Edward Snowden said things in his interview that was believable and that was correct regarding privacy in the United States. I agree with him when he mentions that there is no actually privacy in the U.S. despite being an individualistic country. The surveillance that came with the Patriot Act after September 11th was the start of the constant wide-range surveillance over everyone and one of the believable, yet shocking things is that our cell phones give away so much private information that we did not know of or intentionally gave out.

His claim, or warning, that countries would potentially misuse or abuse the information that is gathered from is varies in my opinion because of the way that governments vary between countries. For example, I don’t see the U.S. just abusing or controlling us openly with the information they gathered on us, but I could see that with an authoritative government. Overall, I think his claims are credible because oh his history and experience and I don’t think he’s wrong either with what he predicts about privacy and the misuse of or information

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