Religious Dystopian Views

I find that religion is a good thing to have, but it is not for everyone and that’s fine. Religion can be a good foundation of personal morals, but I find that when it is forced upon others, in indirect and direct ways, it doesn’t end up being good for them. Politics is heavily religious based, especially on the conservative side of the spectrum, but in the case of dystopias I can see it having little to no effect in terms of fixing oppression or a dystopia.

I only disagree in terms it being a direct solution to oppression, but I believe that religion can make things better because it gives an individual guidance and faith as well. The only downside, but a major one, is that religion can be manipulated to fit a person agenda. This was done a lot during slavery and that was significantly dangerous because if you can get an oppressed group of individuals to follow your beliefs that are backed by your version of a religion, then it leads to a that group falling into a deeper hole without solution. Since there is plenty of room for corruption and manipulation regarding religious ruling of the masses, I can not believe that it would be the answer to oppression, unless its on an non important individual basis.

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