Experience with Group Work

I have had plenty of experience working in groups and I found that working in groups is easy and beneficial for me. The serious group work experience that I have comes from internships, class work, and projects worked on outside of school. I consider myself to have good skills in group work because I always play my role and consider other members of the group while also considering the end goal that we are trying to reach. I personally don’t think I have worked with difficult groups, but regardless I always keep a positive attitude because it helps the success of the group in the long run. Overall, I’d say I’m comfortable with working in groups and find it easy to do.

When it comes to using technology to communicate with large audiences I find it easy to use. In the past I found it easy to present or give information to large audiences using multiple softwares. On a nonprofessional level, I have experience with setting up audio equipment for large audiences as well, so I don’t find difficulty in using technology for large audiences.

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