Was Freud Right?

I both agree and disagree with Freud in that any form of government is repressive of human nature. On one hand, I agree with his belief that humans are inherently sexual and aggressive. On the other hand, I don’t agree that the government is the one responsible for the suppression of both. One of the main differences between animals and humans is the ability to form complex thoughts and use reasoning and logic to make decisions. Us being able to suppress our instincts allows us to survive and cohabitate on the scale that we do. Even if humans are naturally aggressive, the thing that makes us human is that we choose to not act on it. The authority of a government shouldn’t be the impetus to treat others with care and respect and empathize with them. 

However, I do believe that the government suppresses the sexual nature of humans. Sex is often seen as one of the greatest pleasures the body can experience. If humans had free reign over when and where they had sex and with who they had sex with, the government wouldn’t be able to control civilians as much, especially a capitalist government. Capitalism relies on the exploitation of workers and the modicum of free time in order to increase wealth for the wealthy. If humans were more interested in sex than work, or the free time to have more sexual freedom, they might not be inclined to contribute to the capitalist society as much.

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