Pro-Communism / Socialism for Least Dystopian

I believe a society using the main pillars of communism as a foundation alongside a government expressing and striving toward democratic socialist ideals would be the least dystopian. I support the communist goals of elimination of “socioeconomic class struggles” and equitable distribution of labor benefits where “state controls all property and wealth.”1  I also believe that all means of production should be controlled collectively and the state should provide its citizens with their most basic necessities and service for equal chances of success based on the individual.2 This eliminates the jealousy and greed Hobbes was describing while providing organization without bias. Class struggles are usually exacerbated by racial struggles as well, the wealthy pitching people of different races in the lower class against each other to avoid blame and responsibility of exploitation. Getting rid of socioeconomic classes can alleviate tension between races, unifying societies. 

These basic qualifications should be met as well as maintaining a system of government in which legislation is determined directly by the people or by officials appointed through a fair and free election to represent the majority. By structuring society this way, daily life will be conducted by rules and regulations that represent what people living that life want, as well as giving them the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of their work, without the risk or fear of losing everything. This fosters a happy and efficient society that exhibits empathy and care for all of its citizens, rather than focusing on a small minority and neglecting the rest.

A society like this is risky, though. Whereas capitalism allows, and actually encourages, the exploitation of workers through big corporations to create a ridiculously wealthy and restricted upper class, communism/socialism risks government officials from directly taking advantage of the situation and manipulating the majority to their benefit. We have seen this in today’s world, parties running on socialist and communist ideals, then hoarding all the power and money for a designated few to turn their so-called “socialist” government into an authoritarian one.


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