Podcast Thoughts

I am not a fan of working in groups. I don’t like having to coordinate with others; I’d rather just do it myself. I think the main reason for this is because I don’t like relying on others, especially when it results in a grade. At least when it’s solo work, I’m getting the grade I deserve, whether I put maximum or minimum effort, and the only person who it affects is me. With group projects, I have to trust that other people will do their best work while also having to deal with the pressure on my part as well. I have to make sure I also do the work so their grade doesn’t suffer. Last group project I had was in Sophomore year. None of my group members showed and I could only do my part, leading to a lower grade. That grade caused me to not get the letter grade I wanted at the end of the semester.

I’ve never used technology to communicate to large audiences, so my ability is not good. I’ve also never really watched or listened to podcasts, therefore I’m not confident in making one content-wise and technology-wise.

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