Podcast Post-Production

I am not the best at working in a group. I’m an introvert and very antisocial so communicating and working with people I don’t know is a stressful and unenjoyable experience. Especially in this asynchronous setting, not being able to see and talk to the people in my class that will potentially be assigned to my group makes this even more difficult. The group I was assigned to only met up all together twice on zoom, although there were other instances where two of our members met up on the side. Despite this, we were able to complete our podcast in an organized and timely manner. Because there were no assigned class meetings, getting together during the week always turned out to be complicated due to other commitments and as a result, most of the project was done individually. The only thing we discussed on zoom was the basic outline and assigning jobs to each member. We wrote our scripts and even recorded separately, but everyone cooperated and worked around the scheduling conflicts in order to complete the assignment.

This has been the first project I’ve done that’s used technology to communicate with large audiences. Mostly I’ve just used power points to relay information to a class, but I’ve never been associated with a platform that makes all my work public. I’m also unaware of the platforms that can be used to make information like this and publish it for larger audiences; I couldn’t even edit my own podcast, so my ability to communicate effectively with large audiences is non-existent.

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