Which Government is Right for Me?

Here’s the thing. I like the idea behind the representative democracy that we have in place in the United States. I want to be able to vote and have a say in the leaders of the country and democracy allows us to do that. I also understand where the founding fathers were coming from when they decided to make our system representative. Not only does it help to control for the people who don’t pay attention to politics or those who don’t take voting seriously (anyone who voted for Kanye), it was also a way to make the voting system more efficient as the technology back then was the pony express.

However I think that with what has happened over the last few elections it might be necessary to switch to a direct democracy. It doesn’t make much sense to me how a candidate can win the popular vote but lose the election. I also don’t understand why we need to have a system that makes the vote in one state matter more than the vote in another state. Why is it that since more people in Texas vote for Donald Trump, we effectively ignore all those who vote for Hillary Clinton. That’s why people feel like their vote doesn’t count. I know that there have been great switches over the years, most recently with Georgia turning blue, but I understand that it must be extremely discouraging to be a democrat that lives in Texas or Florida. Additionally, I feel like if we are going to take the time to actually count the popular vote we might as well just use it instead of the electoral college. And we have the technology now to make voting faster. Overall, I feel like we shouldn’t keep trying to work with a system that isn’t working for the majority anymore. And maybe I am just saying this because Donald Trump won and could definitely win again if we aren’t careful, but I think that our chosen system should actually function to favor the majority.

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