My Utopia

Let me just start by being honest… I have no idea what my utopia would look like. I have some crude ideas but I don’t really know how to implement any of these ideas such that no one is at any kind of disadvantage.

For starters I would love to do away with capitalism. As we are all aware, most of the world’s money and resources belongs to the top 10% while there are people who live on the street with no food to eat. This is absolutely ridiculous and definitely wouldn’t happen in my utopia. I would like for the wealth and resources to be divided equally so everyone can have enough to live comfortably. I know that communism has never really worked in practice so maybe my utopia would be more socialist? I still don’t really know how to implement this without eventually having social and monetary hierarchies but this is the base of my utopia.

Also I’d love to have a society where laws against racial and gender discrimination, as well as discrimination due to one’s sexuality, are codified and enforced. It would be foolish to assume that because everyone has enough to live comfortably that these problems wouldn’t arise. People naturally form groups and from that we get groups wanting to be better than other groups. This breeds ideas of supremacy which, ideally we don’t want but if we have laws that blatantly oppose this then maybe it won’t be as bad.

Policing would be done completely differently. We need people to enforce laws so the police can’t be abolished but they can operate in a much more efficient manner. They would be trained and work within their own neighborhoods to build rapport with the residents in the area. This would decrease fear on both sides and decrease violent interactions and punishments. Also, no guns for anyone, police included.

Mass incarceration would also need to change. I think that my first point where everyone has enough money and resources to live comfortably would cut down crime considerably and my changes to the police would also function to decrease crime. Hopefully then, incarceration wouldn’t be necessary unless someone is committing absolutely heinous crimes like rape, murder, or abuse to name a few. However, their jail time would be closer to rehabilitation than what it is now, which is basically slavery. There would be no labor without pay, trained educators and therapists to lead classes and group discussions respectively, and just better conditions in general.

Those are my main points. I know there’s a lot of big idea and very little implementation here but these are the major things I would like to see in my utopia.

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