New School, New Tools

I think the key to learning is having the ability to adapt to a large variety of information to ways that I can fully comprehend. Another key thing that encourages becoming a self-regulated learner is making goals, creating a plan and being able to make adjustments when necessary. I am very independent, fully realizing that everything is possible as long as I remember that I am capable. 

I think recording the podcast went well because we had a plan, made adjustments when necessary and communicated well. The technology was easy to use because I was used to it since class transitioned online. Any issues we had with zoom were easy to fix or look up how to fix. The script was easy to follow because we worked on it for days before reading it. We also all read it multiple times to make sure it flowed well. 

Overall, I think we all articulated our thoughts and ideas clearly. We worked well as a group. Everyone was able to further explain their opinions if questions were asked and defend their positions. We only had to record two times to get everything we needed to have enough to edit. After recording, everything flowed well because of continued communication. 

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