Need Improvements?


  • Watching dystopian movies in class 
  • Discussing how our current reality mimics traits of a dystopian society


  • Group assignments 
  • Weekly blog posts


  • Podcast assignment 
  • Defining Dystopia

As the semester slowly comes to an end there is always room for improvement. There is also room for appreciation. This class has areas where it is doing amazing and other areas that could be altered slightly to improve the in-class experience. Dystopias, Real and Imagined should start presenting dystopian films within the classroom to make room for open discussion. This includes short clips of media and opening up the class to debate on different aspects of dystopian traits that were presented. This class should also begin to discuss how our current reality mimics traits of a dystopian society. Examples of how our current reality are similar to dystopian societies are everywhere in the news. The class could find things in the media that present qualities of a dystopia. This can enhance students understanding of dystopia societies. 

      Dystopias, Real and Imagined should stop having group assignments. It makes the class feel unorganized and students tend to get lost easily. Group discussions are easier or even splitting the class into two is more efficient than the class being split into smaller groups. Again, small groups encourage students to drift off into their own world and into distractions. Weekly discussion posts are slightly too long. Perhaps they could either be shortened in length or due bi-weekly to allow students enough time to complete the post. Also, if the reading is long the time for the post to be due should be extended to allow students enough time to complete the assignment. 

      This class should continue to incorporate the podcast assignment. It allows students to work with different mediums to create their own talk show. This is an opportunity for students who usually keep their opinions to themselves during a class discussion to be heard. Through the podcast assignment it allows the chance to be heard. Students are able to reach a larger audience and discuss what they learned in class and how dystopian societies operate according to definition and outside sources. The class should continue to define what dystopia means to them and create their own unique definition. This will help when they are working on their podcasts. It will allow them to have a universal definition the entire class can use. These are all suggestions.

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