My Utopia

If I were in charge and I could have my own utopia I would make sure that everyone has their own town or area of likeness. I know that many people prefer to live a certain type of way like waking up at 6 am and running, then eating breakfast, then going to work, but they don’t like to be bothered by people much, they like to reside in their own little world. If there can be a small county or neighborhood of different types of people that like to live this way then they would all go into that one county. I know that everyone wouldn’t be satisfied completely but the main goal is to make the majority happy and let them know and understand that everything about this town won’t make them happy but to be okay that most of it does. There would be multiple counties and neighborhoods that would be for people with different lifestyles.

High-quality education would be free for everyone of all ages, there would still be grades, but everyone would have free access to schools and there would be strict policies set for anything harmful in my utopia. First offenders to anything like violence, hate, and bullying would be given another chance, but if they keep doing it then they will be removed from society. I feel that this is kind of harsh, but there is no generational ignorance and government-repeated oppression that could cause repeated offenses like in today’s world. There would be therapy and counseling that would be available to everyone including those that repeatedly hurt others or offenders because there is something that is causing them to want to harm people in society or even themselves. Everyone will have a say in government laws and leaders, and healthcare will also be free and equally available to anyone. There will be equal opportunity for everyone in careers and other aspects of their lives. People have the freedom to live their life how they want too without the pressure of society. I believe my utopia is more of freedom for everyone whether than limitations and hindrance.

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