Best Government

I believe that the best form of government and the least dystopian government is a liberal democracy. I feel that a liberal democracy is the fairest form of government and recognizes all formal powers as well as recognizes the wants and needs of its people. Depending on the system that is being used to run a liberal democracy can cause for some powers within the government to be abused. A liberal democracy would be the most effective and fair government that will also prevent Hobbes’ beliefs in the “state of nature” of people.

Further evidence that a liberal democracy would be the least dystopian society is that there is lack of oppression of people that are under this democracy. But proving that a liberal democracy is the least dystopia doesn’t mean that it can’t be a some form of dystopia, for example the United States government follows this form of government. The United States has a very long history of oppressing minority groups in America. The main part of a liberal democracy that allows a loophole for abuse of powers is that the people within the government write the laws, amendments, and constitutions. If the person that writes the main laws are racists or have oppressive tendencies then they will build the foundation of a liberal democracy in favor of oppression instead of the protection and equality for the people. If a person’s wrongful intentions weren’t involved with creating laws for a liberal government, then this will be only utopian government. A liberal democracy without an individual wrongful intentions also wouldn’t have the “The Five Faces of Oppression” according to Iris Young.

Hobbes’ would also agree that a liberal government would be an acceptable form of government because there are laws that would force people to control their natural urges for power and would help hone that fear of violence. The laws in a liberal democracy would ensure that people have fair powers of the people as well as explicity write out a precedent for the powers one individual is supposed to acquire. In a liberal democracy, it would be the people choice on whether they would want to run to be in a postiion with power, so if they don’t run to have power then they can’t be upset at someone who does. Hobbes’ wpuldn’t fully agree that a liberal democracy is the best government to avoid oppression because there is not one full sworn authority but rather a divided government with equal powers, which can still achive the same goal of soverign society.

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