My Utopia

If I was to be able to make a Utopia world I would first want to have a distract where I have absolute power. I would have people in my corner to oversee things that i cant handle all together. I would trust people to make decisions on society problems. To explain a little more if there is a problem society wise I would let my members in my utopia be able to share those issues and I can solve these issues. I won’t isolate my utopia from other as network goes a long way help people who want to help you. I would be more of a giving as much as you give you received. I will also have a peaceful utopia as I am not into wars and feel peace is the best for everybody as this won’t put any fear into anybody who lives in my society. Certain traditions will have to be followed so on holidays they would have to dress a certain way. I love holidays so I feel that if I had a utopia I would make sure that everybody celebrates the holidays; as holidays are very important in my life. Also in my utopia I would make sure that everybody has somebody to celebrate with as I see my society being one.

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