Least Dystopian Government

After reading Hobbes’s Leviathan I feel that my top two least dystopian governments would be a democracy and oligarchy government. I highly agree with democracy being one of the least dystopian’s out of the 4 because we live in one now. Today’s world to me personally; is not described to be a dystopia. As our government may have their flaws it is not to harm anybody or traumatize society in most cases it is for a reason which usually has a end goal to it. I feel a democratic government gives equal opportunities since the citizens in the society has a say on who will be apart of the govern body. This gives the citizens a equal opportunity to no matter the race, classification, or sexuality you are able to vote for this government body which is chosen by majority winning. Connecting democracy to Hobbes’s Leviathan believed in divine rights which is similarly related to a democratic society.

On the other hand, an oligarchy government was my second decision as the types of oligarchy governments all consist of having a ruler. These rulers have different backgrounds and agenda’s which make them differ. As these options can be taken advantage of it will still include a society that is disciplined based off the govern beliefs. For example, in a technocracy government is “ruled by the educated or technical experts; a system of governance where people who are skilled or proficient govern in their respective areas of expertise in technology would be in control of all decision making.” This will limit who can run to be a ruler as to be one in this type of government technology skills are needed. This can lead to everything revolving around technology which can cause problem’s in citizens lives who are not updated in the technology era. This is a least dystopia to me based on Hobbes’s Leviathan because Hobbes believe that society is made up of our wants and the governments evil agenda. Which democracy expresses throughout each of its governments.

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