Is Foucault Right?

Foucault believed that panopticon was represented by disciplinary actions and punishment. This is supported through the realization of how the process of observation and examination go hand and hand. As we did a discussion on society watching us we also use panopticon in modern society outside of surveillance. One way that panopticon is inputted in modern society is when we apply to a job. As our goal is to work to get money we are also signing an agreement to do what our employee demands while on schedule. Foucault’s theory towards panopticon was prisoners being objects to the state. Their way of inputting panopticon was by incarcerating these prisoners which they define to be a disciplinary action. Foucault was right in my opinion as he stated “a prisoner is going to act certain ways in a prison in result of his or her jailer not knowing if they can see them or not.” I never went to prison but from knowing that prison is a full of criminals and dangerous people I would understand what Foucault is concluding. In prison it isn’t much stuff to do and majority of the day you are being watched. With not much activities this causes these people to become bored and do things that entertain them whether it is good or bad. If you are caught doing something bad in prison this can lead to bigger consequences and can cause a delay in your release day which prisoners know. So these prisoners act a certain way behind walls because they know that it is consequences if they act a certain way in most cases they will try to avoid trouble. Foucault has also stated that power is formed through knowledge which is true as well. For example, a president or governor won’t be in these big seats if they had no knowledge of politics etc.. As knowledge is not defined to be smart it is defined to have a great understanding of a situation or topic.

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