Is Climate Change An Oppression?

Climate change in all reality is not always caused by the action of us humans but majority of the time we do have an affect on the climate change.  When I was younger I was taught to throw garbage in the right trash along with recycling recyclable things. As I was taught that I didn’t really know the importance behind it. As I got older I learned the importance of recycling. Climate change is caused by the disruption in the greenhouse gas concentration. When we don’t recycle we tend to cause that disruption due to the lack of reusing the recyclables. When garbage is thrown away it gets burned  which leads to  pollution in the air. Recycling can help us reduce energy consumption but it will not eliminate the other activities us humans do that causes a disruption to the green house. 

Many of us including me are guilty of driving a car. Driving a car may seem like it’s the least problem in our environment but it has an huge impact on the pollution in the air that we breathe in. As it is scientifically proven that polluting the air causes climate change along with ill health. We’re not only changing the weather with this pollution but we’re killing ourselves while doing it. 

Another way that people like ourselves are causing climate change is from cutting down forests. As we all know that trees produces our oxygen. Through the cycle of photosynthesis oxygen is produced through the trees that we cut down. When deforestation occurs the carbon that is stored in those trees gets released into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. Releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is not good as it warms up the planet which then results into a climate change. 

I would say that climate change can be an oppression but it also isn’t an oppression. When I hear the word oppression “force” comes to my mind. As “force” describes harsh, violent, cruel etc. As climate change can be changed by our actions and we’re not forced to take place in the activities that causes the atmosphere to become in-normal. I wouldn’t describe this as a force to do something because if we recycle, stop cutting down forest along with going electric with cars we can have a good impact on the atmosphere instead of a bad one. On the other hand climate change can be a type of oppression as these in-normal activities are all uncontrollable. As much as we may advertise to go green our environment struggles to complete those tasks. 

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