How Do You Define Dystopia?

Dystopia is a fictional place that can be very frightening along with lack of individual freedom such as thoughts and actions which can cause fear and trauma.

Based on a few dystopia films that I watched my definition is a reflection of films such as the squid games, hunger games, and the purge. In squid games 456 people who were financially unstable are chosen to attend a place to help them become financially stable. They were not informed until they were brought to a mystery place where they were told that they would play a series of children games and if you lost your elimination was death. The last one out of the 456 people won the final prize. As this film caused trauma to the winners life as he watched 455 people die along with him having to kill his closest friend in the end. These individuals lacked freedom as they can only eat when given food and were restricted from opting out. The hunger games was kind of similar to squid games the only difference is that you were chosen to attend the event and it was published on national television. These individuals had no freedom because if you didn’t attend there would be horrible consequences that came with it. The Capitol caused trauma to the participants families as the main point behind it was to provide entertainment to the district. The Capitol also demanded that all citizens must watch which didn’t cause entertainment it caused fear throughout the district. As the purge inputted freedom in their film it was still series of trauma brought to the community as the freedom the community was given was violent and brutal. They were given 12 hours of freedom to carry weapons and commit crimes to any and everybody. A lot of deaths took places along with destruction to business and home break ins. All three films are dystopia and all indicate and identify fictional places that has caused individuals to be traumatized.

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