My Own Competence

Considering I’m a mass communication major and creative writing minor, I think analyzing films is one of my favorite things to do. Relating to my major, I’ve had classes like Media Criticism, Film Appreciation, and currently Intro to Mass Communication Research, that specifically that is all we do. So, critiquing and analyzing films or characters within the film to ultimately have a deeper meaning is not only something I’m used to, but I genuinely enjoy doing. And I love the conversations and different perspectives that come of it as well.
I think along with critiquing films comes an overall want for analyzing everything… because if there is deeper meaning and symbolism within film then there surely is a need to find something deeper in everything, which includes education, politics, norms, and just overall life. As far as this class I’ve enjoyed analyzing the readings we’ve discussed because even though the main focus is based on an imaginary society that people believe ultimately can’t be real… it relates to real life and how society can change, or in my opinion worsen, at any moment.
Even though I’ve always listened to other’s opinions regarding topics related to oppression, this class has challenged me to consider if these opinions actually make sense and are potentially better than my own conclusions. This is honestly… just learning in conversational form.

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