Is our privacy really private?

After watching the interview with Edward Snowden everything that he stated was blunt and honest in regards to the state of privacy in the United States. I like to think that history repeats itself every 100 years so we are living a replay of the past 100 years. You would think since we are The United States of America that this pandemic would not have impacted us the way it did. People were losing their jobs, businesses were closing which led to people not being able to pay their rent and losing their homes and worse people were dying. The amount of money that is spent on technology could have easily been used to help the people of this country. In my opinion, there should be no reason that hospitals are running out of resources when we have all this money to spare on other less important requirements. I was never aware that they were tracking our phones to see who has covid and who you have been around and places that people were going. At first, I thought this was a great idea but after some thought, I began to realize that this is just an ongoing trail of hidden secrets. Once this pandemic is over the average citizen does not know where this information goes or who it helps and it does not seem like it’s for the benefit of the citizens. An example of this is the Patriot Act where FBI officials can secretly conduct a wiretap on citizens without proving probable cause. This was only to be used to prevent terrorist attacks but now is being used for other things that we citizens are not aware of. We can never be sure of anything the government tells us and this is what I got from Snowden’s claims. The government will not make us aware of all the issues that involve us due to many reasons but we have to be aware and cautious.

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