Fascism Continuously Growing in the World

Fascism is a type of autocratic government power that I wished died in the 1900s but still exists today which can be viewed differently by multiple persons. I say that it can be viewed differently being that in the past we had rulers like Hitler and Mussolini, that had extreme fascist methods that involved killing innocent people which we currently do not have. Today we have a completely different system but it still has the same fascist motives behind them. For example, China can be looked at as a modern-day fascist government. One law that China has in place that I think is absurd is that women are only able to have three children. I understand its purpose is to try to limit the population as much as possible but I think this is unhinged to tell women how many children they can and cannot have. Another example of China’s law that exhibits fascist methods is the policing of internet content. There are no free forms of internet and it is constantly controlled to ensure that citizens are not watching salacious content. This reminds me of the book we just finished in class 1984, where the citizens are constantly being watched and if they are caught doing things that are not permitted there would be serious consequences. These extreme measures to me exhibit that we are still living in a world where our leaders are fascist. Even though the methods are not the same that has occurred in the past it still shows that some countries’ leaders exhibit autocratic behavior. 

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