College is Definitely a Dystopia

Based on my knowledge I do think that the American higher education system is a dystopia. In my opinion, college is a scam and if you are not trying to become a lawyer or a doctor there is no point in going. There are multiple reasons as to why I believe this. To even apply to most schools, you have to pay a fee which is forty dollars or more and also type an essay that can exceed 500 words. I believe to apply for Harvard their application fee is one hundred dollars or more and you also have to submit transcripts, letters of recommendation, and personal essays. That is a lot of time and money invested into a school with a possibility that you will not get in.  

Another example of how the American educational system is a dystopia is the cost of test preparation and standardized tests like the DAT and MCAT. It is already expensive to attend undergraduate and graduate universities alone and then to have the burden of trying to pay to prepare and take the test is insane. The test prep that is offered through Xavier is around 1,000 minimum and this does not include the actual test. In my opinion, the educational system is set up for people to end up in debt. This too is another reason why most students financially can not become doctors or even attend college due to all of the money that is incorporated into it. Student loans have been a hot topic for a very long time and how this has kept people in debt forever. 

In addition to the American education system being a dystopia from my experience, you do not get what you pay for. I know most college students can agree with me on the fact that we were sold a false dream. From the lack of resources, problems with housing, communication issues, etc. it appears that the money we put into these schools does not look like it is being put to good use. In a recent case, where the students at Howard University were protesting due to their current living situation. Mold, fungi, and all types of dangerous components were affecting their living space and nothing was being done. You would think this is a joke being that it is the second-ranked historically black college in the world. There is a lot more that could be said about how colleges can be viewed as dystopias but this is my opinion on my experiences and what I have learned throughout my journey of being in college.

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