A Dystopia in my Eyes

Over the course of this class, we have analyzed multiple dystopias in regard to movies, readings, and short films to try to find an actual definition. To define a dystopia I will say it is a place that appears to be normal at first glance but has multiple forms of oppression present when looking closely. Until we started doing work for this class, I was convinced dystopias were imaginary and were not real places but now I am aware that dystopias do exist in the real world. 

 To be able to explain a dystopia we have to look at examples of how people are oppressed. To relate oppression to a time that was significant is when slavery was around. According to an American Tragedy, multiple forms of oppression existed to make slaves feel less. Some common examples include restricting the slaves from learning to read and write, exploiting them to harsh working conditions for little to no money, and also how they were seen as less due to the simple fact that they were of a darker complexion. These three examples above show multiple forms of oppression including powerlessness and exploitation. Even today, slavery is not around but similar acts are still occurring which makes me think we are still living in an oppressed society. 

In recent times, there have also been numerous ways that certain societies resemble dystopias. According to The Conversation, the Leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin has an interesting way of using his words, which is seen as manipulation by many. This can be seen as a comparison to the book 1984 that we read in this class. Putin’s confusing language for example the article states from Putin’s perspective, “‘I want peace,’ this means, ‘I’m gathering my troops to kill you.’ If he says, ‘It’s not my troops,’ he means ‘It’s my troops and I’m gathering them.’ And if he says, ‘OK, I’m retreating,’ this means ‘I’m regrouping and gathering more troops to kill you.” This type of language can cause the citizens to develop fear but it also shows that the people have no power. Even in our own society we sometimes feel as if we have no power. Compared to other countries at this current moment, I think we are more fortunate but in my honest opinion, I do not think that any society does not have any dystopian characteristics.

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