The Fulfillment of Hope

I would say that I am a Utopian thinker being that I rather focus on the hope that the future holds for me. An example of this in my present life is my tenacity and drive to always look for a solution out of my problems. I also do my best to find hope in even the things in life that we don’t realize inspire us. Such as nature, I enjoy connecting with the Earth by laying flat down in my car and looking up at the trees. It’s interesting how we have gotten so busy in this digital era that most of us dont even stop to look at the sky anymore, or the trees, the birds, the flowers, etc. I find it sad that people don’t seem to care about the earth as much anymore as we are actively killing our planet everyday with pollution, chemicals, etc. Another example of how I am a Utopian thinker is that I am confidence in myself even when I don’t know what the future will hold. I find peace in knowing that I am in control of my own destiny and there is a saying that my mother always says, “You control the control that controls the outcome”. I believe that if everyone had this mindset we would all be in a much better place as a society as long as we were all willing to take control and take care of each other. Although Utopia was created to describe a satirical idea of perfection that doesn’t exist, I think it’s nice to at least try to reach it. In the Black community I was raised up with the encouragement of my ancestors and knowing everything that they have endured. Through slavery, jim crow era, segregation, integration, police brutality, systematic racism, microaggressions, etc. we have been able to rise. And because of that I believe that I am empowered to have a Utopian mindset because they succeeded because of the hope that withheld within themselves. I shall continue to do the same. 

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