The Affects of the Panopticism In Our Society

I would agree that Foucault is correct. The panopticism is embedded in our society in multiple ways such as on college campuses in relationships, being away from your parents, children around adults, etc. When people believe they are not being watched they show their true colors. For instance, on college campuses people in relationships typically cheat on their significant other when they are not around them. However, if they were always with their significant other or had reason to believe that they were being watched and spied on by their significant other than they would be less likely to cheat. It believe this stems down to the fact that most people want to have cake their cake and eat it to. Although it is not right that people chose to cheat despite being in a relationship, they often believe that it is nice to have a person all to themselves and also be with other people. They must sneak and do so though because they are being watched by their significant other. 

Another example, is how different freshman act when they first get to college. With that first experience of freedom and being away from their parents it’s as if they don’t know how to act. They typically will “wild out” because they know their parents are not there watching them. When they lived with them in highschool, they were not able to freely openly do what they wanted and were forced to behave. Some people still however chose to sneak out when they knew their parents weren’t awake and do stuff but still, they had to wait until they were not around their parents to do what they really wanted. I believe that this concept also built the phrase “strict parents raise sneaky children”. 

My last example is about how children act when they are around their parents versus when they are not around them. Children a impressionable being and seem to soak up everything like a sponge as they are getting older and maturing so parents must keep a strict eye on them. By doing so, they hope to protect their children from being exposed to vulgarity such as curse words, nudity and sex that can be found on social media, and even dangerous things that can physically harm them such as hot stoves, and predators. I believe that the intention of the panopticism in our society is to protect. However, being lovely protective and strict can cause a person to become sneaky and wild out when they are not being watched. This is why in relationships it’s important to find a girlfriend or boyfriend who you can trust and actually wants to be in a relationship. For parents of teens entering college, if they don’t want their children to wild out they should be more open with their child and listen to them. And for children, it seems that the panopticism idea is necessary because children are our most precious part of society. 


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