My Utopia

If I were in order of a utopia it would be a land where people could access water, food, and healthcare. There would be no homeless people as everyone will be provided adequate shelter and everything they need. Such as lights, power, electricity, wifi, etc. There would be no class system as everyone would be seen as equals exempting the majority selected leader. And everyone once they reach the age of 18 will be given the opportunity to be a leader as the leadership will rotate every month to give everyone a chance at leadership skills. People would be celebrated for their differences, there would be no discrimination or racism against people. People would be able to pursue whatever career avenue they want without worrying about struggling to make enough money to pay for their primary drives: food, water, shelter, etc. Everyone would be focused on themselves and working towards their goals while concurrently readily available to help out their neighbor if need be. There would be no violence of any kind, no fear, and no one would suffer from mental health issues. The ideal society in my mind is one that consists of peace, freedom, and living in harmony with each other. There would be no sickness, no pain, no anger, no sadness, and no struggling. The people would be able to go to whatever school they choose for free, there would be vacation packages set up so that if people choose to vacation in whatever city, island, or country they choose for free. There would be no cars, this would prevent road rage, wrecks, traffic, and none of the annoying things that come with driving and having a car. The people would be able to access any type of food they choose, there would be no “healthy” food and no “unhealthy” food as all of the food they eat would not negatively affect their bodies or health. Lastly, there would be no war between different governments and countries of any kind.

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