For My Safety? It’s Worth the Risk.

My privacy is very important to me however, I do use a great deal of technology and I often rely on it to make my life easier. For example, I use the find my iPhone app to locate my iPhone if I were to misplace it and I also share my location on the app under the “Find My Friends” section. I do so because my close friends and family are able to locate me in the case of an emergency and I am unable to speak with them and unable communicate my whereabouts. I consider this would provide me with the reward of safety if I were to ever be kidnapped (God forbid). I do often worry though about who else can track my location if a hacker were to hack into the app, if someone were to put an air tag tracker on my car, or simply if one of my “friends” were to set up me.

  However, I am willing to take the risk of sharing my location and having their locations because of the benefits. I would say that I would not be willing to surrender the privacy of being in my own home, however. For instance, some people have cameras in their homes for protection and security however I would not feel comfortable having cameras inside my house. Sometimes I chose to get dressed in my room after a shower instead of getting dressed in the bathroom. So I would prefer to have cameras only outside of my home. The rewards that I expect in exchange for having cameras outside of my home are for proof of who comes on my property. I also could use it as proof if someone were to try to steal my car or scratch it for instance. For those reasons, I feel that having the technology of security cameras is worth it. 

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