Podcast Pre-Production: Take 1

As someone who has participated in a good amount of group projects at Xavier, I’d say that I’m comfortable with the idea of being a good team player. I’m a shy person, but when it comes to meeting deadlines and distributing equal amounts of work, I’m not afraid to speak up. I don’t know anyone in my group, but I can’t wait to get to know them and learn from them throughout this project. I’m excited to contribute some of my own ideas and creativity, but I’m also very much open to hearing and listening to the suggestions of others. I’m looking forward to producing a podcast episode that reflects each of our personalities and our ability to work as a team.

Public speaking is not my forte. I’m more comfortable presenting and expressing myself through the use of technology more than I am in real life. When using technology to communicate with large audiences, I think it’s important to understand who your audience is in order to create content that is relatable and interactive. I don’t have the biggest followings on social media, but I am familiar with posting, editing, tweeting, sharing, etc. on the variety of different platforms. With that being said, I’d consider myself a tech-savvy person, and I hope to use as much of my skills as possible toward the podcast.

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