Podcast Post-Production: A Reflection

Although I did not know anyone in my group before this project, I became comfortable with them and their ideas for the podcast fairly quick. I believe my efforts in planning and developing ideas, as well as my effective communication skills, played a crucial role in the success of the podcast. After reading a few critiques, it was pleasing to learn that people enjoyed our question and answer based format as it was one of my ideas. Furthermore, I think I did a great job at engaging conversation with my team and making sure we were on track with the podcast production and its deadlines.

It’s important to consider the audience when using technology to communicate. This was the main idea that motivated me to suggest the question answer format that was previously mentioned. As someone who isn’t as aware of dystopian films and novels as she thought she was, I figured that this method would give listeners a better understanding of what was being discussed if there was someone they could relate to while listening. For this project, I was able to use my technological skills to start zoom meetings and to record our podcast. I also learned how to search and download audio clips, which may be helpful if I ever decide to start my own podcast or post videos on youtube. Although I did not get to demonstrate my technical skills through editing, I believe my contribution of the technique behind our script had an effect on our ability to communicate with large audiences.

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