Midterm Update

Something that can be altered in this class is the annotated readings. I think that the annotated readings can stay the way they are with us annotating stuff online together but I think that the readings can be discussed in class more so that there can be a chance for people to further understand and analyze the readings. Another thing that I think can be altered is the repetitiveness of the class. Maybe the ideas discussed in class can be spread out and not one class after the other. Something that is working well in the class is the fact that we get to analyze  many different works, movies and books. Not just movies or not just books. And that we get to have a choice in what movies we watch. And the chance to have a different assignment if the movie chosen is not ok with someone is also comforting. Something that is also working is that we have a lot of class discussions and group work. I think the class discussions give everyone a chance to explore new perspectives about the works being discussed and the discussions also offer everyone a chance to get to know each other and better understand the works. Another thing that works is the openness of the information and the fact that we can see each other’s work. I think that gives us a chance to get and give feedback on the work we do from other people, not just when it’s being graded. Overall, I think that the class is going well and there are not that many changes that can be made.  

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