Midterm/ Struggling

After everything that has been going on, I think we should establish a clear plan for what is to come. Xavier not only handled things in a random, unorganized, way for students to be confused and flustered with material, but I also think it was a quick switch for teachers who had no intention on teaching an online course let alone students who are better with in person learning me being on of them. As a class I believe establishing a plan for what is to come could help with organization for a lot of students and it would release stress as everyone is getting settled within their homes. Relating to this specific class, I don’t think that there are any activities that are hurting my learning besides being forced to have class online which is fully not the teacher’s fault, but once again the institution’s. I enjoy the activities we participate in during class and am looking forward to how this shift is going to change to online and if it’ll still be beneficial. I think we should continue getting into groups, and continue to have discussions amongst each other while choosing topics that we personally are interested in. It helps with not only WANTING to learn, but it keeps things interesting when you meet people who have the same interests as you along with different perspectives. Overall, I’m still excited for this class I just hope it doesn’t hurt my learning or grade because I am an extremely forgetful person. I also hope the shift won’t hinder me because I am better at learning in person and once again didn’t sign up for online classes.

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