Midterm review

I really enjoy our dystopias class as it is currently. I really think that the in class instruction is very interactive and engaging. In a sense you can say that class is filled with a lot group work, group discussion and peer interactions. Since the class is so interactive in person I fear that due to the corona virus making things online that it will not be the same through a computer screen. However I enjoyed how we used our current pandemic and connected it to class. The only thing I can think of adding is more movies. I understand that we have to look into other types of resources but I personally think that the class is more involved when a movie is the topic being looked at. I think having a topic played out helps people retain the information being presented in the movie. I think we should continue with class engagements since they help us reflect on what we as individuals contributed to the class. Im not exactly sure how to continue our class wide open discussion however I do think that they helped me learn certain information that I may have overlooked. One concern I have about the continuation of the semester is pertaining to the podcast project. While we are able to collaborate and write a script I do not think we will be able to create the actual podcast. My group for example lives in 3 different regions and there’s no way for us to meet and actually make the podcast. When talking to my group they all expressed the same concern about the project being one of the only thing in the class that’s more difficult to adjust to. Besides that the class has been going pretty well and should continue to be the same as possible.

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