Midterm Feelings About This Class

Some ideas that I have for what we should start doing is a weekly recap for the work that we have done for the week and more independent work when speaking about our experiences with our readings. I would like to see a more organized method of how we relate things that we have learned in the class. I know that we mention things from 1984 or the 5 Faces of Oppression, but I feel as though it isn`t enough of a connection as it could be. I also think that an organized debate would be engaging for students and we could get into why we have certain opinions about what novel we are reading or the articles that we annotated. I feel like students are kind of going along with whatever their group members think rather than expressing their real opinions about what we read.

The activities I mentioned are just suggestions and I don`t think that anything should really be taken away from the class, just added for a bit of diversity. I think the class overall is doing well.

What I know for sure we should continue to do is the podcast project. I think that this is a really cool opportunity for students that don`t get a chance to experience how technology can be used outside of a scientific point of view to engage and inform audiences. I also think that as a Humanities major that this is beneficial to my arsenal of creative skills that can be useful for any projects involving audio or literature that I might have in the future.

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