MidTerm Check-In

I personally am satisfied with how the class is being conducted. I like that we have small group discussions much more often than lectures. Unlike my other courses, this course is much more student led. It allows every student’s voice to be heard. Although some of the class days do get a tad bit repetitive, I believe it will only make the podcast project much more easier to complete. However, I believe as a class, we should start making more significant connections from the annotated readings to class discussions. The only annotated reading that we closely analyzed was “Five Faces of Oppression,” and never again committed to small group discussions on the other annotated readings. The annotated readings gradually became more complex as the semester progressed, and so an in class interpretation would have been greatly beneficial. Other than that, if felt like busy work for many since there was no follow-up discussions. I believe we have a pretty good idea about what a dystopian society is, as well as dystopian characteristics that exist in real life societies. I believe if we focused a little more on researching real life dystopian societies, historically and currently, the connections would be much more evident. We focused more on imagined dystopias than real, rather than a median of both.

Aside from those minor adjustments that could be made, As I stated before, I love the mini-group discussions. I love the weekly blog post as well. I think that supplements the lack of discussion taken place in class of the annotated readings. These blog posts gives the class the chance to regurgitate what they retained out of the reading, and make connections to our own personal experiences through application of retention.

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