What Type of Thinker Am I Classified As?

I think of myself as a dystopian thinker. It was hard for me to think of why I think of myself as this type of thinker, but I could see why I was not the others. To be a utopia thinker, I think there’s more to it. I think you have to always of the frass being on the greener side and have only positive thoughts. You would always have to think of the best side of things and never think of the worse. I don’t think of myself as being that type of thinker because of the current negative things in life. For instance, he defines dystopias as “exist to express how this moment feels, focusing on fear as a cultural dominant” (Robinson 1). I think of this as a more realistic way to understand what a dystopia can be recognized as. In society today, several fears occur in different societies that may not happen in others. For instance, the fear of confinement and loss of freedom occurs in communist governments. To any person, the loss of space is a loss of dignity. It is to live in a place where you have no control over what you can do in your life. I like to think of my fears being able to happen. I feel dystopias are realistic and are more likely to occur in my thought process by looking through this metaphorical lens. Even if I did want to believe there are possibilities in life where things can get better, I do not think everyone in the world will be able to hold hands and only think of the better. There are so many inequalities in our world, whether it has to do with gender, race, nationality, or even class, that will never allow people to think of each other’s as equals or even allows our minds to all reason.

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