What Does Dystopia Actually Mean?

A society where one lives in absolute distress and utter chaos.

It is a place where people live in chaos. It is a place where no one would want to live but it is a place where someone experiences. A place where people experience the worst possible events. It is the absolute opposite of an ideal place. For instance, I have read the hunger games series several times. In this society, there are 12 groups of people, in which each group is known to be called districts in numerical order. Their predecessors are those who live in the capital. So in this Dystopia, the districts are governed by the people in the capital. The capital gives each district a set role to play in their overall society. Every district is not treated equally. Some people have to work hard to eat, some starve, and there a some that do not have to do anything to survive. On top of that, the capital has a sick game where they randomly select two people from each district to fight in free for all and only one can survive. However, if you have read the books then you know things do not accordingly and the end goal was to overthrow the capital to end the horrible system. This is an example of a place where people experience the worst possible events. However, a dystopia may not be imaginative but it can become possible. In the past, present, and hopefully not our future, black people have lived in a sort of dystopia. However it was not imaginative, it was very real and people lived in distress and utter chaos because of the mistreatment and disrespect. A dystopia can be imaginative to some and reality to others. It is a society where everything is not what it seems. A society where there is no order, equality, or sense.

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