Honestly, we shouldn’t have to give up anything to have privacy, to begin with. However, in this century, we bargain everything through technology. I would not say I am necessarily willing, but I would give up some of my privacy to have entertainment on my phone. Although it may be simple-minded, other things in the environment can be my entertainment, and I can view entertaining stuff from various parts of the world. For instance, on TikTok, I can watch people from halfway across the globe. I learn so many different things from this app because of the diverse set of people on there. This app might influence me, but I will give up some private information to satisfy my time. However, I am only ready to provide a slither of my privacy. The government, companies, or anyone doesn’t have to have the ability to invade. Although many say giving up our privacy may provide us safety. I do not 100% sure I think it’s just a way for people to control or watch people’s everyday movements. Either I believe horribly in the government, or I’m a conspiracy theorist, but I do think the government monitors everyone’s texts and calls in ways we do not know. By giving up my privacy, I hope to communicate with my friends and family. Also, I expect the ability to buy whatever I want when I give out private information like my debit card or bank account information. I risk giving up my data to live the life I want. It is such that we live in a world where we must give up something to live. The downfall of leaking my private information is that I will never know who has it and what they will do. In this world, there are a million ways people’s lives can fall apart of such a small amount of information. 

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