People vs Climate Change

The human population has abused Climate change since the beginning of time. By definition of oppression, it is prolonged, cruel, or unjust treatment. Climate Change is a controversial topic because some people honestly could care less. Every civilization has used its “natural resources” to the point of no return. These people are robbing the planets of nutrients with no remorse. Not enough people care enough about the earth to outweigh those who don’t. This is oppression.

However, climate change cannot physically fight back other than mother nature climate change cannot physically fight back. The government could care less about the environment; they are more concerned about the present than worrying about the future. They will continuously use this power to benefit their economies. That will happen if they have to dry up the natural resources and dig deep into the Earth’s core to make their country great. Life on earth focuses more on the use of technology, traveling, and living an aesthetically satisfying life without thinking about the consequences there are to suffer with it. No one considers what we are doing to our planet. The small steps taken by those who do care aren’t making a big enough difference in the world. Climate change is affecting the balance of the earth for the worst. I think I am one of those people aware of the current climate change, but I feel that my voice will not make a big difference, so I stay quiet. It hurts to say that, but when I feel like my voice will have a more significant impact in the future, I will stand up for what I stand for. I just hate to see people complain about the weather changing and how it is all over the place when they don’t even realize they are the problem. 

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